Alan Ayckbourn’s 89th play, Constant Companions, at the Old Laundry Theatre 17-21 October

Photos © Tony Bartholomew

Alan Ayckbourn’s 89th play, Constant Companions, opens on Tuesday 17 October at the Old Laundry Theatre and runs until Saturday 21 October with matinee and evening performances.

The show features Georgia Burnell, Andy Cryer, Tanya-Loretta Dee, Alexandra Mathie, Naomi Petersen, Richard Stacey and Leigh Symonds in a story in which Ayckbourn weaves together the stories of highflying lawyer Lorraine, lonely bachelor Don and technician Winston with characteristic humour and compassion.

Lorraine is a fabulously successful lawyer of a certain age. JAN Sixty is the janitor of her building, an android of indeterminate age. In a not-too-distant future where humans have turned to artificial friends for companionship without compromise, can Lorraine and Jan find true love?

Alan Ayckbourn is one of the UK’s most successful playwrights. Constant Companions is his 89th play, and the Old Laundry Theatre has included one of his plays in their season almost every year since it opened in 1992. Alan Ayckbourn was inducted into American Theatre’s Hall of Fame and a recipient of the Critics’ Circle Award for Services to the Arts, he became the first British playwright to receive both Olivier and Tony Special Lifetime Achievement Awards.

Alan says: “Reading so much about the inevitable arrival of AI into our society – some would say it’s already here! – I felt a cautious look forward might be in order.”

“Are we really prepared for an encounter with another race? Not from outer space, but one of our own creation which will inevitably eventually turn out to be a lot smarter than we are?”

“Honestly, the human race! As if we didn’t have enough problems already…”

The rest of the creative team is: Kevin Jenkins (set and costume design); Mark ‘Tigger’ Johnson (lighting design); Ernest Acquah (associate sound design); Sarah Hughes CDG (casting); Julia Perry-Mook (wardrobe supervisor) and Rich Marr (scenic artist).

Constant Companions can be seen in the Round at the OLT from Tuesday 17 – Saturday 21 October.  Tickets are available from the box office on 015394 40872 and online at