Theatre Equipment & Technical Specifications -


Control: 1 x Yamaha LS9-16 digital sound mixer

3 x Quad 520 Amplifier

1 x Crown Xli 1500 Amplifier

2 x Mac Pro running Q Lab playback system

CD Player (DENON DN-C630)

Loudspeakers:      6 x KV Acoustics EX10 powered loudspeakers (Normally FOH)

2 x KV Acoustics EX6 powered loudspeakers

4 x KV ESD5 speakers

4 x Brooke ExPro2 speakers

2 x GAE speakers

2 x db Bassbins

2 x JBL Control 25


Miscellaneous: Tie lines from control to stage

Various stock of cable and adaptors, including jacks leads, phono leads,    XLR leads

2 x 28m 8 send/4 return XLR multicore


Microphones:        2 x Sennheiser EW 172 Radio Mics

2 x Rode M3 Condenser Mics

JTS JSS-20 radio mics,  with 8 belt packs and lavaliere heads. 606 – 681MHz

4 x DI boxes

Comms:                    TecPro power supply/base station with 3 headsets and 3 beltpacks plus an Altair WBS-200 wireless intercom base station with 1 beltpack and headset which links in with the wired set.

Show Relay:            Show Relay to dressing room areas with SM call facility from control room

Show relay is linked to induction loop system for hearing aid wearers


Control:           ETC ion lighting desk

1024 channel

20 manual faders to control submasters

Dimmers:                 96 installed 10A dimmers

Patchbay to 148 installed outlets

Lanterns:                 6 x Prelude/Quartet PCs

27 x Prelude/Quartet Fresnels

6 x Quartet zoom profiles (22/40)

5 x Prelude zoom profiles (28/40)

1 x Prelude zoom profiles (16/30)

17 x Source 4 junior profiles (36°)

12 x Source 4 junior profiles (50°)

26 x Source 4 junior zoom profiles 25/50)

12 x Par 64 Parcans

4 x Source 4 Parcan

2 x Lanta cob LED RGB par 120 degree (90w)

5 x Expression 6000 Q4 moving wash light

2 x Teatro asymmetric 500w flood

4 x Spotlight mini fresnel (300w OR 500w)

2 x 400W UV Cannon

15 x 240v Birdies

Miscellaneous:       Small stock of 15A cable, Grelco’s adapters etc

Small stock of 13A cable

1 Le Maitre G300 cracked oil machine (fluid extra)

House light control situated in control room or through LX desk

Small stock of colour

Good mixed stock of M size gobos, please ask for list.

Cue Lights: Cue light system with 5 patchable outstations

General Comments

 Height to grid is 4.4 metres.

A plan of the grid is available on request.

The lighting and sound control is situated at the back of the auditorium on the right hand side overlooking the acting area.

There is one set of Zarges one lightweight extending ladder and a two step ladder for use in the theatre.

There are 2 dressing rooms with en suite toilet to accommodate 5 people each.

This specification is intended as a guide to the equipment and facilities which we can supply. Please double check with the venue as equipment may be in use elsewhere.


Access to the auditorium is generally easy, through roller shutter doors. However, large pieces of scenery or equipment can be troublesome

Trucks can be reversed up to the doors but please note that anything bigger than 7.5 tons will not be able to come down the drive to the theatre.

There are NO PARKING facilities at the theatre and empty flight cases or unused scenery should be stored in your vehicle as there is no storage space in the theatre.