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Old Laundry Patron Paul Allen

Paul Allen

Nobody does better than the Old Laundry in blending top class international, national and local quality in music and theatre with such a small and dedicated team.

OL-patrons-Alan-AyckbournAlan Ayckbourn

What a joy it is to be part of The Old Laundry season. Our visits are one of the high spots of my year!  Opening the Old Laundry was a considerable achievement, speaking as one who has been closely involved in the opening of a couple of theatres here, can confirm. But believe me, opening a theatre is one thing; to keep it going successfully for over 20 years is quite another. The formula for running an enterprise like the Old Laundry is 30 per cent artistic flair, 30 per cent love and 30 per cent sheer bloody determination in the face of unhelpful petty officialdom. On top of that you probably need a 10 per cent sprinkling of good fortune. Roger and Lottie and their dedicated OLT team have displayed all that over the decades. Long may our twin, that jewel in the South Lakes flourish!
Read an interview in the Independent on how Alan Ayckbourn met Old Laundry Theatre Director, Roger Glossop.


Alastair Goolden

The Old Laundry has presented a richly diverse range of live performance over the past 20 years. It’s quite simply a wonderful place in which to see a show.

OL-patrons-Peter-JamesPeter James

Experience and emerging talent is brought together in yet another fantastic season. I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful independent arts organisation – Long may Bowness be lucky enough to boast of it and congratulations to all who help to run it.

OL-patrons-Hilary-PezetHilary Pezet

We were so excited about this little theatre in Bowness putting on plays and acts that were amazing and different from anyone else. The main thing was to make everyone from artists, to audience, to staff feel like it was a special place because quite simply – it was.

OL-patrons-Andre-PtaszynskiAndre Ptaszynski

Take your creased spirits back down to The Old Laundry and tumble them back to life with another spin cycle of performing delights.  Thank you for letting me be a small part of the Lakes’ best kept secret for so long.

gryth-rhys-jones-crcGriff Rhys Jones

The theatre is in the most beautiful location in Britain.  What an incredible amount the Old Laundry has crammed in to its distinguished life.  Another entrancing season planned. Go if you’ve never been. Return if you have.
The Lakes are so fortunate to have this exciting venue on the shore.


 COL-patrons-Charlotte-ScotthOL-patrons-Roger-Glossoparlotte Scott & Roger Glossop

Charlotte & Roger are the Directors of The Old Laundry Theatre.  Read how they set up the Theatre in 1992 here.  You can also read an interview in the Independent on how Alan Ayckbourn met Roger Glossop here.