Seating plans -

The Old Laundry Theatre auditorium currently uses two stages:

Old Laundry Theatre Thrust Stage

This is the most used staging for our theatre, music, folk, film and spoken word events and offers audiences excellent, uninterrupted views of the stage.

Old Laundry Theatre In-the-Round Stage
The in-the-round stage is mainly used for the Alan Ayckbourn productions which visit every year, usually as part of the world premiere tour from the Stephen Joseph Theatre in Scarborough.  Every seat has excellent views – there really isn’t anywhere bad to sit in the Old Laundry!

Old Laundry Studio Stage (The Laundrama)

The Old Laundry Studio on the nearby Rayrigg Road offers a cabaret-seating style auditorium allowing refreshments to be served whilst you enjoy a more relaxed style of entertainment on the main stage.