Super sleuth will solve his case on the biggest set ever to built in the Old Laundry Theatre

Super sleuth Sherlock is set to step out on the biggest staging every built at the Old Laundry.  Over the last 4 weeks a talented team of crafts people from Square Pebble and Dartura have been working hard to create a stunning revolving set for the summer show Sherlock’s Last Case.  The stage will change before your very eyes between Holmes’ apartment – 221B Baker Street and a dank, dark cellar.  You can see the set in working progress here in these photographs.

Set building 2 Set building 4

So the scene is alomst set for Sherlock to use his great powers of deduction to embark on a mysterious case that will eventually bring him face-to-face with his avenger.

We can’t wait!  – Have you booked your seats yet?