The Old Laundry goes green in its 30th year

The OLD LAUNDRY THEATRE Bowness-on-Windermere is pleased to announce that in line with its continuing efforts to reduce its carbon footprint we are changing our lantern stock theatre lights from incandescent halogen lamps to the colour-changing light-emitting diode. The energy use reduction we anticipate coupled with our recent solar panel installation is part of our commitment to reduce the environmental impact of our day to day operation.

We are at present installing our new infrastructure which will give us full management and control of our new lantern stock and are looking forward to the advantages in lighting design this will offer.

Because of these changes, we can no longer accommodate incandescent lantern stock from visiting companies, although we will maintain a small 6 channel dimmer pack for practicals and specials.

A full list of our new lantern stock will be available on our website soon.

This is a big change for the theatre and it will mean that for most of our visitors we will program cues from scratch.

As ever, we pride ourselves on being “show ready” for theatre companies when they arrive and look forward to welcoming new shows this season.