Tis the Season to be Shocked! Challenged! and Thrilled!

Tis the Season webFriday 9 & Saturday 10 December at 7.30pm
Do you want to try some totally different theatre this Christmas?  

Try these four short, intense one act plays like no other, that pack a Christmas punch!

If you wish (want) to be shocked, challenged and possibly thrilled, then this production is probably what you’ve been waiting for (if not, then please stay away).   New to the Old Laundry, Theatre Company License to Thrill  present four short intense one act plays – two new, one revived and a classic to awaken your senses!

License to Thrill aim to take you on a ‘roller-coaster’ ride of emotions – laughing one minute, crying the next. You may even walk out if you cannot stomach what is being performed (if so, sorry, no ticket refunds)!

License To Thrill are a north west theatre company based in Liverpool who specialise in devising, writing and performing plays in the style of the French traditional theatre practice Grand Guignol. These particular plays skilfully blend comedy and horror – sometimes eroticism. We also perform original classic Grand Guignol scripts. www.licensetothrilltheatre.co.uk

No Under 18’s. At various moments there will be: extreme violence, shocking language, gruesome acts of blood spilled and simulated sex. Definitely not for the faint-hearted!!

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